All Staff, All the Time..

At the heart of The Titusville Academy’s curriculum is a school-wide behavioral and emotional management system, coordinated among all educational staff in all school environments. All educational staff members are trained throughly in the program’s theory and practice.

Behavioral expectations are described and explained consistently and regularly, at the beginning of each year, each week, each day, and each new transition. Coordinated and scripted coping skills are offered to students allowing them to manage their decisions, behaviors and emotions in order to meet each school’s school-wide expectations.

The offered coping strategies are not only detailed on signs and posters throughout the school, but also delivered verbally by the teaching staff on a daily, regular basis.

This proactive approach to managing behavior is reliant on a number of factors:

  • Each student’s relationship with his/her educational staff
  • The effective and positive communication each staff person delivers to each student
  • Student understanding of the offered coping skills in order to assist them in maintaining school-wide behavioral expectations
  • The validating approach in communicating with students
  • The follow-through among all educational staff in maintaining both rewards and consequences that result from each student’s decision to cope or not to cope

Various formal components of our behavioral support system function as part and parcel of the our overall school culture.


Ultimately, this system allows school staff to hold each student accountable for his or her decisions and assists students in developing the self-management skills they need for future success.