The Titusville Academy is an approved private school for the disabled, providing services to students with academic and behavioral differences. Historically, in addition to special education students, The Titusville Academy has accepted general education students who have major behavioral and learning differences, provided the sending district is in support of the placement.

In addition to the academic component of our program, general education students will also be provided with group and individual counseling, speech/language services if needed, and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

Special education admission to The Titusville Academy begins with a referral for special education services from a student’s local school district.

The decision to place a special education student at TTA is made by the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. When a student is classified as eligible for special education services, this team is convened to develop the IEP, which describes the specific educational and related services that the team believes will meet the student’s individual needs. The IEP team is typically comprised of teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel, and students (when age appropriate).

Any IEP team member who believes TTA’s services may benefit a particular student are encouraged to contact us to learn more about our program, or to arrange a review of a student’s records.

Student records will include the student’s recent evaluation reports, the current IEP, and recent progress report(s).

After reviewing the student’s records, TTA’s child study team will make a determination as to whether the student’s placement at TTA is appropriate. If the potential placement is deemed appropriate, an intake appointment is scheduled to informally evaluate the student and meet with the parent(s) or guardian. Tours of TTA and its facilities can be conducted at this time for the student, the parent(s) or guardian, and school professionals.

Tours of TTA and its facilities can also be arranged for any interested students and parents, educators, school child study team members, or treatment professionals.