Our technological abilities must not outstrip our moral insights, rendering us less than fully human.

Jonathan Granoff

Student using a tablet in class at Titusville Academy
TTA has always recognized that simply having technology at our teachers’ and students’ disposal is not a goal in itself.

With proper teacher training, and used appropriately and creatively, the convergence of physical and digital education makes for a potent combination, especially for students who require multi-sensory information delivery to enhance learning.

Students using laptops in classroom instruction at Titusville Academy, a private spcieal education school in Hopewell NJWhen direct teaching and the use of technology are balanced, we can provide curriculum and activities that are more individualized, and ensure that the right resources and adaptations reach the right students at the right time.

TTA classrooms are equipped with Smartboards, iPads, laptops and desktop computers with latest-version software, wireless network access, audio augmentation technology, and more.