Titusville Academy Students - private special education in Hopewell NJ

Students — and their fundamental need for healthy learning and growth — are the reason we are here at Titusville Academy.

Our students are as deserving of respect and dignity as our own children or any other children. Students who have had trouble in other school settings, at home, or in the community, are not “bad” people.

They have basic needs for survival, belonging and status. They need to be valued for who they are. When these needs are not met, it’s no surprise that their motivation and behavior may suffer.

Titusville Academy helps students by providing qualified and professional staff, a supportive social environment, and high quality programs — and works to ensure these basic needs are met. That way, the student can restore the pro-social behavior he or she needs to be successful in school, at home, and in the community.

Innovation in pursuit of an important objective can never fail. And student success is our highest objective.

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