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TTA, founded by Dr. Stephen P. Hritz as the non-profit Princeton School for Exceptional Children (PSEC), opened in September of 1971 in the educational wing of the Unitarian Church of Princeton with one student and three teachers.

Prior to founding PSEC, Dr. Hritz worked with emotionally and behaviorally challenged children at New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute in Skillman, Montgomery Township (which later became North Princeton Developmental Center), and taught at Trenton State College (now College of New Jersey).

Dr. Stephen Hritz, founder of PSEC, and PSEC Director, Jim Rigel

Dr. Stephen Hritz, (at right), founder of PSEC, and PSEC Director, Jim Rigel.

PSEC’s aim was to provide an effective comprehensive academic program small enough to ensure its students — most with learning or behavioral challenges that prevented them from thriving in their local school districts — the individual attention, support, and instruction they needed to get back on track.

PSEC’s mission then, as TTA’s is today, was to provide the services students with learning and behavioral disabilities need to get back to their home districts.

Within a few short years PSEC was serving over 50 students, and had overgrown the capacity of its home at the Unitarian Church.

By the late ’80s, a move became necessary, and PSEC bought the decommissioned historic Titusville School on River Drive in Titusville, Hopewell, NJ. The school, originally a Hopewell public school, had more recently housed the programs of the Mercer County School for Special Services. After significant renovations to the original 1925 school building were completed in 1988, the school moved in and was renamed The Titusville Academy.


Titusville Academy - vintage photo of school building